About This Project


Perfection Pet Care, LLC


New Start-up


We offer a "STAYCATION" for your pets... because there's no place like home

Perfection Pet Care offers in-home pet care sitting services. Their premier service is overnight pet sitting. This service offers the least stressful option for pets without disrupting their routines.



  1. Introduce overnight pet care services.

Perfection Pet Care is a start-up company. They wish to grow their clientele. They offer a variety of services from pet sitting to pet taxi driving. Their premier service is overnight pet sitting in the client's home. This service is not offered often by competitors.

  1. Grow local client base.

The primary goal is to reach local customers who desire overnight pet care in their own home. The second goal is to grow the client base for all services offered.


  1. Develop a content-driven website.

We chose to create a mobile-friendly website with a content management system to easily publish high-quality, relevant content. We then branded it with a whimsical theme. These steps allow Perfection Pet Care to establish authority in their field, build a caring rapport with clients and potential customers, and increase search engine optimization with searchable content beneficial to their audience.

  1. Create relevant social media.

We then set up a Facebook business page for a more personal connection. It allows Perfection Pet Care to share related experiences and build trust in their ability to care for their clients' pets.