6 Steps to Create a Successful Marketing Strategy or Sales Funnel

A digital marketing strategy or sales funnel will boost your sales success

You may be thinking, “But if I put it on my website, they will come.” Maybe. Eventually. But without a structured plan to attract potential customers and then wow them with your product, it could take months or even years to make significant sales.

The digital marketing plan or funnel to sell a product has 6 steps to create success at product launch time. The first steps are Awareness, Engagement, Consideration, and Education, and finally the Sale. In addition, you can increase your sales by continuing to engage your previous buyers with knowledge of new products and upsells. An additional 4 steps can be added after the purchase is made. Those steps are sometimes called Adoption, Retention, Expansion, and Advocacy.

We are using the example of the digital marketing strategy to sell a book, but this information applies to any product.


This step is the Announce the book step described above.


You guessed it. The TEASER Campaign creates engagement with your audience.

Consideration and Education

Your book promotion will get your audience to consider purchasing your book. It will also educate your prospective buyer about the benefits of reading your book.


This is the actual process of purchasing the book. Don’t forget to ask for a review. Include a link to the review platform.


This is the first post-purchase stage. It may not apply to your book purchase funnel. It is the process for the user to get to know your product. It is the time to send links to bonus content. Or inform a buyer how to set up a free consultation. Or onboard a buyer if there is an additional workbook or community group membership. Include a link to the review platform.


It is ideal to retain your buyers to keep them in your funnel and continue making additional purchases. This step consists of contacting your buyer to ensure their satisfaction and success with your book.  Send a feedback survey or ask if there are any questions via email. Include a link to the review platform.

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